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Tootsies Nail Advice

Important to you, as it will keep your money in your pocket longer.  Treat your new nails with the same care as you would your own nails.  They will break if you don’t.


Don’t use them as tools; don’t pick or scratch at things that will cause them to chip.  Beware of car doors, kitchen cabinets, switches, etc.. Use rubber gloves when doing housework or gardening and remember not to use solvents with bare hands.


Apply cuticle oil twice a day, to reduce risk of breakage.  Don’t use lanolin based hand creams as this causes lifting.  When using the telephone, use a pen or pencil or use the pads of your fingers and not your nails.


Look after them and you’ll spend less money on repairs.


A touch of nail love from Tootsies X